It's not always faster times that indicate improvement. Today at the pool I swam an endurance set of 30 x 100m. The pace wasn't quick. What was important is it is my first longer set that didn't incorporate any significant rests.

While my swimming has been getting better, it still is a long way from where I want to be. It's easy to swim fast for a few short repeats, but it's maintaining something more moderate for length that shows me up. The kind of fitness I need for racing.

What builds plays a big role in building that type of fitness are the longer, steady sets. The kind that can become boring very quickly. That have had me looking to find ways to justify cutting it short. Today was different. Today I actually enjoyed watching the black line for an hour.

This means my swim fitness is returning. Only when I am fit have I enjoyed the 30 x 100m. Finally I am in that territory again.


  1. Congrats! What a great feeling to know you are back in the zone. I think we all have our moment in training where we know it when we feel it...

    30x100? You are a rockstar!


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