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No blogging for over a week reflects my lack of running. It has taken a lot more to shake what turned out to be a sinus & upper respiratory tract infection. I have definitely been missing covering the kilometres out on the trails. Finally on the mend, still with some antibiotics on the go, I am finding my energy levels are again picking up. I am keen to start training properly again.

With the extended lack of training, I will have to accept that have entered detraining territory instead of simply recovery post marathon. The first few weeks of training will have to take this into account. It will be easy to train beyond my current fitness capabilities. The solution will be to have a few days simple running, to ease back. No heart rate guidelines, no set speeds or paces. I will just go out for a run each day. Vary my normal routes and hopefully finish each run feeling refreshed and ready to do more. From that platform I will gauge my response and develop a more formal program.


  1. Strange how I often learn things about my training from reading about yours, Jason! This time it was your comment re "detraining" vs "recovery." Yep, I think that's me too.

    No good to hear you are still getting over your infections. Hope you'll be back out there soon. Cheers, PB

  2. Sorry to read about your continuing cold, and the frustrating experience of seeing you fitness begin to slip a little. It is no coincidence that all of the bloggers whom I follow and who ran a marathon that week in October – in locations extending from Melbourne to Dublin – have experienced lingering colds. Many factors contribute to a cold, not least being the exposure to the virus, but there is little doubt that training for and running a marathon contributes to the risk. What should we do? I suspect that if we lived life swaddled in cotton wool our life expectancy would be no greater and life would certainly be far more boring. I am not impressed by the evidence that any of the so called adaptogenic herbs have any robust effect on protecting our immune systems, but it is a tantalizing question to know what we should do to minimize the risk of a cold if we wish to push ourselves to our physical limit. For the time being I am prepared to accept that the occasional frustrating cold is the price we pay for the satisfaction of making our best effort.

    Your strategy for recovering is sensible. Simply run for enjoyment in the near future. After that, I will look forward to reading of your plans for re-building. Best wishes and good luck.

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