Gotta Start Somewhere

My first structured run back was simple. A hilly circuit before an early start at work. Nothing much to it, just 40min of running. It felt great to be back in official training. The run did point out that I have lost a a fair amount of fitness, including specific strength, flexibility, basic workload tolerance and of course pace. All of this was to be expected.

I'm aiming to keep the plan simple. The aim at the moment is to build up a high level of base for the rest of the year before I work out where I really want to go with my running. To that end I am working on having key sessions on 8-9 day cycles against a back drop of sustained aerobic running, a couple of strength sessions and optional swim or bike ride.

The key runs will be:
  1. Long Run (2 hours)
  2. VO2 max
  3. Threshold
  4. Speed/Agility

The rest will be interspersed with steady aerobic running, and if needed replaced with much easier recovery style sessions. The amount of high end could be considered minimal to begin with. Performing only a small volume in each session of fast running. The concept is that a little often should provide enough of a training stimulus without creating other problems.

The details appear vague, but because I needed to see how my body is going to respond over the first couple of weeks, I need to play it a little safe, plus see how close to the mark I really am. It's good to be back.


  1. Hi Jason,
    as you were one of my inspirations for my own sub-3h run on October 11th, I thought it was time to comment.
    I saw your result on the morning of my own run as we start in different time zones and you are approx. 9 hours ahead.
    I have the same problem gettign back into training. Although not injured or ill, it is very hard to get the miles in.
    Especially the lack of routine is very hard. And ew goals are harder to define.
    And like someone said: without goals, motivation is lower.
    So, good luck with your mileage build-up.

  2. Good to see you back Jason.

    Having time off (or easy weeks) is necessary, but it really brings home the transient nature of running fitness. Enjoy getting it back!

  3. Jason,
    I just finished with my own "time off". I'm genuinely nervous about picking up intensity again! :)

    Looking forward to another year of following your training.


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