The last day before I get up ridiculously early to run a ridiculous distance. Yet I enjoy it. Enjoy it to such an extent that I have spent six months working towards it.

I've run a good number of races from sprint to ironman distance triathlons, running races of all distances too, including a 24hr rogain. I have a background in the science of human performance, coached others and coached myself. Finally it has all come together this year. Because this time the lead up now simply feels routine.

The stress levels are low. There is very little doubt.


My goal is to run sub 3 hours over the 42.195km. I will do what it takes during the day to make it so.

I'm reminding myself I have a good base of fitness behind me. I know what I am capable of running for 30km comfortably, plus I am now fitter. My half marathon times are faster than I really needed. I have completed a reasonable number of long runs. Race pace feel good. I am injury free and well rested.

On the day I need to remember it is okay to feel sluggish near the start. If I feel really good in the first 15km then I will probably have to slow things down a bit. With some treadmill running and recent deep water work, fast stuff may feel a bit too easy.

If it was easy, then it wouldn't be as much fun.


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