False Start

Nearing the end of two weeks downtime I decided I wanted to get back into training. So I picked last Monday to start on a more triathlon orientated program. The basic intent was to build some good conditioning using the different disciplines and intensity levels. The break from running everyday (yet still training) would likely work to stay injury free. The plan seemed solid, yet flexible. Over each 8 to 9 day cycle I had up to 12 training sessions listed in order of priority. I never expected to hit all of them, but the priority system meant no matter what came up I knew what session to pick and could be happy with what I left out.

The basic premise of each cycle involved a sessions in each discipline that focused on building endurance, working at or above threshold intensity, plus an easy or technique orientated workout. Supporting this was a bike/run transition plus some strength training. It looked quite manageable.

My view of this training quickly changed once I started. It wasn't a time or fitness problem. Instead it was my headspace. It became very clear that I do not consider myself a triathlete at the moment. All my racing goals are centred around running. Therefore it just didn't feel right taking so much of the focus away from running itself. Having a program with roughly an even focus of swimming, cycling and running feels wrong and isn't enjoyable.

Looks like the answer is to be a runner. Train as a runner and use a little bit of cycling, swimming and other training purely for the purpose of improving my running. So I'm scrapping the initial few weeks of triathlon orientated training. I'll run and chuck in some of the other work if I feel like it for the next few days while I nut out a better approach.


  1. Sounds like a very astute choice to me. Knowing where your heart lies is half the battle with performance and training I think. If your heart isn't in what you're doing, then neither your body nor your mind are going to be able to bridge the gap. Good luck and train well!

  2. I think you'll do well as "just" a runner Jason. Running is the best way to train for running too!

    Not such a bad way to also do OK in triathlons. I remember Kirra Rankin (3rd in the Canberra Half Ironman) saying she did that off no swimming training whatsoever.


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