Biggest Return

The athletics track was the perfect place for the last hard session. 6x1000m run in about 3:45, equivalent to 10km race pace, with 200m float recovery. The great thing about this run is it felt good. The intensity was up, the heart rate was around 90% of max, but the speed felt natural. The shortened recovery periods were just enough to ease the mild lactate build up without too much drop in the rest of the physiological work load.

Benefits of this type of run include stimulation of VO2max, increased neuromuscular efficiency, strengthening of type I, and IIa muscle fibres, facilitation of the lactate shuttle, mild stimulation of muscle and blood buffering, and stimulation of most aerobic enzyme activity. Essentially all the elements I wish to enhance beyond just simple endurance for the marathon.

Best of all, the session felt how I hoped it would. No struggle, just good smooth running. The exact confidence boost I needed to get through ten days of doubt during the taper.


  1. Blogger needs a facebook style "Likes This" button! Good stuff. PB

  2. That's great Jason. Not long to go!

  3. You are in great shape. Skipping the anaerobic session was sensible. This upper aerobic -anaerobic transition zone session will have completed the addition of a sharp edge to your solid fitness base.


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