The acute management has worked. The mixture of increasing training load, with a focus on recovery and remedial exercises in between has worked. I've now been predominantly pain free over the last few days of training. Yesterday I was able to complete a high quality run without any problem during or afterwards. A total of 16km with a solid 10km progression starting at 4:00/km and finishing at around 3:45/km.

An easy weekend to lead into next week. Then a 2 hour steady run on Monday and 6x1000m repeats on Wednesday should ensure I continue to carry my fitness into the final 10 day taper. It looks I have managed to maintain my performance base, I just missed out on the opportunity to add that extra kick on top. Naturally that's bringing in a few doubts for the marathon. Then again, those doubts do tend to creep in during the lead up to a big race.


  1. Great news Jason! I am beginning to winder if marathon running and self-doubt actually go hand-in-hand???

    PB ... worried ... about anything!

  2. Good to hear Jason. Put the doubts aside - you're in great shape - all you have to do is execute the race plan on the day.

  3. Thats great. Proving to yourself that you can over-ride setbacks is a crucial part of the mental toughness needed for a top class marathon.


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