A day after I get asked for some advice on shin splints, I end up having to deal with the problem myself. Really I'm not a fan of the term shin splints, but then the more medical sounding medial tibial stress syndrome doesn't cut it either. After all, a syndrome is just a collection of symptoms. In short, it have pain at the front of my lower leg.

It is a bit difficult to ascertain exactly which tissues are involved. It could be the muscle, tendon, interroseous membrane, the periosteum, swelling within the anterior compartment or a combination of some of these. The good news is the pain is new. With a little hindsight I should have been aware there was some discomfort in the area over a couple of days leading into yesterday's planned fast-finish long run. As Georgie Clarke has pointed out in an interview in R4YL, athlete's aren't necessarily as in tune with their bodies as every one likes to believe. We are more of a slave to the training program. The run became a slow finish as the pain in my right shin developed at around 2 hours and by the end made running almost impossible.

With just one day of ice and rest the pain has resolved. The cause is fairly easy to pinpoint. A recent increase in overall training load. Friday will be a very easy, turn over of the legs on some soft trails to test things out. Hopefully I should be all good for the weekend's race.


  1. Good point about being a slave to the training program.

    Looks like catching it early has helped considerably. Good luck in the race.


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