Today was meant to another Coburg Harrier's Fun Run. The same 12km course I raced last month. It was also meant to be my last race before the marathon. Unfortunately injury has changed those plans.

The good news, is my foot is responding as it should to treatment. Ice, elevation, NSAIDs and some light remedial work is doing its job. The running is very, very limited and modified slightly. With the pain almost non-existent and the swelling significantly reduced it is now clear the key injury is to the right digitalis extensor longus muscle. Specifically the distal tendons. There is also some less than great response in the anterior compartment of my lower leg. Part of the medial tibial stress syndrome complications over the last few weeks.

After some complete rest, my running has progressed as 10min stupidly easy, 15min moderate and finally 30min comfortable today. The last two runs were on the treadmill, so I could eliminate downhill running which aggravates the problem. In order to keep my fitness up with some extended time and higher intensity I'll be hitting the pool for some deep water running. My mental toughness should improve after the mind-numbing nature of running in circles in the deep end of the pool.

If things go to plan I am hoping to be able to get one last 2hr run and a couple of moderate to fast runs in before hitting a shortened taper.


  1. Jason, the hard men of sport are always on the fine line between excellence and injury. Tread warily to ensure you come down on the right side in a few weeks time. All the best, Paul.

    PS - do I have a "digitalis extensor longus muscle"?

  2. That must be annoying, to say the least. Still, less than 3 weeks to go - you're in good nick, so with care, should be able to maintain that condition until race day.

  3. Monotonous yoga usually soothes the spirit, so monotony itself can be a good experience; I wonder why monotonous rhythmic exercise on the treadmill, the exercise bike or in the deep end of then pool seems so tough, even in the mid to upper aerobic zone which usually feels exhiliarating when running in the outside world.
    As you say, the pool running will add to your mental toughness.
    The real challenge now is to sustain your confidence that your body is still in excellent condtion.
    Good luck.


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