Extensor Tendons

After the half marathon on Sunday I was feeling really good. A few general aches and pains, but nothing that seemed out of the ordinary. Running felt good the next day except I wondered if there was a little bit of inflammation on the dorsum of my right foot. Then on Tuesday there was no question about it. Plenty of diffuse swelling with a decent amount of pain signalled an injury.

In short it's the extensor tendons of the toes that are causing me grief. It is a typical presentation:

  • dorsal, diffuse swelling
  • pain on active extension of the toes
  • even more pain on passive plantar flexion
  • pain during running

So the last part of my Specific phase is about ensuring I recovery from this. Luckily I'm already at the fitness and performance level I believe is required to hit my goals in the marathon.

The extended increased training load, combined with the recent MTSS, plus with the go hard approach on the uphill segments at the half marathon seem to have exposed my weakest link. (yes Paul, I do agree the Yarra Blvd Half wasn't hilly, but it was mildly undulating enough for a significant difference in pace and effort over the course).

"a change in training methods or running terrain, particularly hill running"

"Running uphill means the extensor muscles must work harder to lift the foot and downhill they have to work harder eccentrically to slow the foot."

Time to remember that I can only train as hard as the weakest link in my body allows.


  1. Hi Jason. Don't let me give you a hard time about hills! You're the man. I just love watching you go flying by on the other side of the road. Hope you get on top of the injury in double-quick time. Cheers, PB


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