Melted Ice Cream

I've was told to savor the feeling of fighting against the general anaesthetic. I have absolutely no memory of it going in. Last thing I remember was the IV cannula being inserted and taped down. Nothing until after the surgery. I was also told to savor the feeling of coming out the anaesthetic as well. Nothing fun about nausea and not feeling in control in my book.

With a numb mouth, my first attempt at drinking orange juice was only partially successful. The nurse offered me a variety of flavours for my ice cream. Not much point in the variety since I still couldn't taste anything.

This morning I discovered the numbness was a really good thing. It meant no pain. The good thing is the analgesics I have been given work well. I'll let my body do its healing thing a bit more before getting into training.


  1. Did your wife get a video of you trying to drink oj?

    Heal up. In good time, you'll be back at it.


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