Impaction and Division

Recovery from the dental surgery last week has taken longer than I was expecting or hoping for. After the follow up with the dentist today I was informed a small infection is what was responsible for the prolonged pain and lack of healing. Apparently it's a simple fix, and at least I'm already feeling a fair bit better. I'll have to keep an eye on the healing for longer now. Instead of about one week, I'll have some degree of a hole in my gums for a month.

All this fun has resulted in a week away from work and absolutely no training. With a reduced appetite, a lack of stimulation for the muscles and having any food I do consume coming in liquid form, I've dropped even more weight. I'm expecting to feel a lot better tomorrow morning. If I feel good enough I'll take an easy run before work and hopefully reignite the pilot light.

For the rest of the week I'll take each day as it comes. No point forcing myself through training, I'll let my body dictate what it can handle. Sunday has the King of the North 12km race scheduled in. Saturday I'll take stock of my health and response to training to decide whether or not it is worthwhile competing. Then it's a matter of making the necessary adjustments to the training plan.


  1. oh man, sorry to hear about the infection. I know those things can be so painful. Hopefully, you're on a treatment that will start kicking in quickly.

  2. Bugger, mouth infections are a pain, always take their time to heal.

    You are a star, do you get the start to finish e-mail newsletter? Your banner photo was used in their Sandy Point half pomo :-)

  3. Sorry to hear about the compications of surgery. Its been a pain in itself, and also a frustrating interruption to your training program. However episodes of illness, injury or other disruptive life events are almost inevitable, and the crucial test is how you cope with these interruptions. You coped well with minor interruptions in training for the Police and Emergency Service games, so I am sure you will bounce back from this interruption. Good luck.


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