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To me it's simple. There is a basic formula to weight loss and maintaining a healthy physique. Unfortunately for so many people it actually involves a certain level of work and some self control. I am just getting a bit tired of hearing people complain about their weight issues while not working at it. If you are following something like Lite N Easy then don't eat a complete block of chocolate straight after the meal. If taking a medication that reduces fat absorption, then don't eat more fatty foods and complain about the toileting. If you have had gastric-banding then don't just take longer to eat the same amount of food and complain you don't feel well. If dieting then don't binge and tell people until you find someone to support the binge and you don't feel as bad.

Sounds harsh. I appreciate those on the receiving end of those comments probably wouldn't want to hear them. A lot of people get their back up when it's pointed out they aren't taking the responsibility they should for themselves. Anything worth having usually requires some work. There is a difference to really wanting something versus just wanting the results without doing the work.

There is an industry out there that is making a lot of money on these issues. It can definitely be made complicated if you want to, but why not keep it simple. For healthy weight loss:
  • Eat a variety of foods that are not highly processed
  • Slow down and stop eating before you feel too full
  • Be physically active
  • If not losing weight, then eat a little bit less and exercise a little bit more until you are


  1. Good points for healthy weight loss. I think as we age it's harder to shift excess fat - even with exercise. 'Lots' of exercise can help, but what happens when we reduce the volume/intensity?

    Anyway, maybe I need to reduce the beer intake to shake the 3kg I'm over where I was 20 years ago!

    By the way, well done with the Coburg race - a one minute positive split isn't too bad considering your recent sickness.

  2. Firm but Fair, I used to weigh about 17kg more than I do now (was 75kg at my biggest), which at 172cm on a girl was not too bad, but was not all that great either. It took me a year of exercise and healthy eating but I lost it and have never looked back.

    Apart from the very very small minority of the population who may have a genuine medical concern there is no reason for anyone to be over weight other than laziness.

    Ultimately if you cram less food down your throat than you burn each day you'll lose weight, not sure why that is such a difficult concept to understand.

    It irks me when friends or colleagues complain "oh em, you are lucky, you're skinny" - luck 'aint got anything to do with it, apart from the fact that I am "lucky" I rediscovered how much I love being active and healthy.

    Hmmm, I think you hit a nerve with that post, I got a good rant going there :-)

    And I don't think Ewen should worry too much about being only 3kg heavier than he was as a lad.

  3. Okay, I'll shut up about it. Yes, I know that I'm one of those people you're talking about.

  4. Well, I agree with the general concept of the post. But since I deal with very obese people everyday, I also know that many people have "issues" with food that they need to work out. If it were as easy as "eating less", they would do it. These are not weak people; they simply need help.

    On the other hand, I do get tired of hearing from people over and over that they need to lose 5lbs or so.

    As long as I stay within my weight range, I'm happy. If more of my "athlete" friends would simply focus on their performance and let go of their supposed weight issues, they'd be much happier.


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