Finally I'm feeling closer to normal after the bout of gastro. That left me with three days of no training. Yesterday was an easy 30min just to ease back in, and make sure the guts behaved themselves. This morning I go in 45min on the treadmill at a proper pace and it even felt good. That is despite it being zero degrees this morning. So even in my own garage I was still running with full sleeves, beanie and gloves. Looks like winter might be extra cold this year.

I'm still not too sure how I'll continue training over the next few weeks due to the lack of training over the last few days. It's not quite as simple as just jumping back in where I left off. Due to a few commitments I'm limited about when I can fit in the longer runs. Not to mention I'll be going in for dental surgery next week which includes a general anaesthetic. Obviously that's going to put another gap in this month's training plan.

The next few days are pretty much set. Since I'll be racing the Great Train Race on Sunday that dictates the training before and after. So I'll hit a medium-long run on Friday, plus some weights, have an easy Saturday and then go through some recovery on the Monday-Tuesday before dental surgery. Soon enough I'll explain how racing fits into my program, but the quick version is I will train through most races. No taper, no freshening up. Just do the training and turn up like the race is only a hard training day.


  1. Glad you're feeling better Jason.

    Yes, it looks like being a cold winter - there was snow on the Brindies over the weekend, which is very early.

    Training through would seem the right thing to do if you're racing often. It's impossible to be fresh for every race.


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