Breaking Back In

How did my first week back in training go?

Nothing like finishing on a high. After a successful tilt at the Police Games and the Run For The Kids, I was happy to take some down time. Then I had a bit over a week of not training. That doesn't mean I didn't do any exercise, but for the most part I really didn't do anything. An added bonus was the time took in Easter. With the holiday we snuck away to Phillip Island for a bit of time on the beach.

Way too many hot angry buns, an absolute excessive amount of chocolate all washed down with various types of alcohol left me feeling pretty content. Not to mention very full and heavy. It's interesting to note how in such a short space of time you can look in the mirror and see the change in conditioning. I can enjoy a few days of excess and eating rubbish, but there is no way I could live day in and day out like so many people do.

Finally it was time to start. Unfortunately the cold I had been managing to keep at bay decided to get angry. It developed into a sinus infection for which I'm still on some antibiotics. However, I have never really felt too bad with this infection. As a result I decided to stick to my run training, but skip most of the supplementary work.

The First Run

Starting with my Medium run I went out for 90 minutes of aerobic conditioning. My legs felt so heavy. It was as if my shoes had been filled with weights and my legs couldn't be bothered lifting them. Nothing felt comfortable, but it didn't feel hard. Then passing the one hour mark something clicked. My shoes suddenly became lighter and my legs decided they now enjoyed the idea of running. I was back. I had signaled to my body it was now time to train again.

Day In Day Out

hard - easy - hard - easy.... is how the week went. A key run, followed by an aerobic conditioning run. Medium, Speed, Long, Intense then the last day was 8km at a recovery pace. Each run after that first one felt great. I comfortably completed each run at the correct pace, intensity and duration without any undue stress. It had been quite a few weeks since I ran for 2 hours, but when I finished the long run it felt like I had just warmed up.

The intense run was 45 minutes at around my threshold pace. A good solid hit out that I assumed would need a lot of mental effort in the latter half. Not the case this time. After about 10min in my body registered the pace required and simply completed the rest on autopilot. Of course the following day my legs were feeling a little battered. Hence the requirement for the recovery run.


Pretty simple really. I've picked the right level of training to enter in on. It didn't take long for my body to pick up on the fact it was back in training. A good start.


  1. Good to see you haven't suffered much from the excesses of Easter.

    How long before you hit full training?


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