Extended Pit Stop

Out in the cold morning, it took a little longer than I liked to warm up. Eventually I was into running at my anaerobic threshold. My legs felt a little stiff and required a bit more mental effort to keep them ticking over compared to last week. The good news was I running about 20sec/km faster than last week at the same heart rate. My guts were the only problem. Nothing major, just they felt a bit unsettled.

This unsettling called for a pit-stop at the 30min mark out of 50min. I was able to continue the run, but I really fell off the pace. This seemed a bit strange, but nothing else showed up during the day. A normal day at work.

Once home in the evening I just didn't feel right. It took until midnight to fully discover why. A nice bout of gastro. My body decided it had to do everything it could to eliminate whatever it was that was upsetting it. A few kilos lighter and completely drained, I'm not hitting the training track until I can replenish most of what has been expelled.


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