What better way to celebrate turning 31 years old than running 31km?

So far its been a great day. A relaxing morning with an easy breakfast followed by an antenatal class with my wife that focussed on relaxation, breathing techniques and massage. I became very relaxed even though I was the one giving the massage.

The afternoon was my own time. So I headed out and covered one kilometre for each year I've been alive. A mostly relaxed run saw my cover the distance in exactly three hours. Now time to enjoy some thai food, good wine and of course birthday cake.


  1. Lucky we're not imperial anymore!

    Happy 31st. The next 9 years are the best for PBs :)

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Though I am afraid I won't be taking your lead and running 35km this coming December :-(

    Maybe I can settle with 500 mtres for every year.


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