The mornings are really cold at the moment, down around zero. I guess that's what you would expect in the middle of winter. The problem for me is it is limiting my outdoor cycling. My Raynauds has been at it's worst over the last couple of weeks, despite trying to manage it better. Street orienteering last week had three fingers on each hand go completely white. They hadn't fully recovered by the time I got to bed and even now there is that skin damage at the tips that I only get when it is bad.

Otherwise the weather looks very inviting. Bright blue skies, with fluffy white clouds, minimal or no wind. No hint of rain. Looks like the perfect morning for a ride. Unfortunately it is 2 degrees. At that temperature even with thermals and triple gloving my hands won't be handle it. The comibination of a very cold ambient temperature, the vibration on the hands from the handlebars and windchill from cycling is the perfect trigger for Raynauds. So I'll up end my plans today, get some things out of the way this morning, then hopefully it is warm enough to head outside on the bike around midday. Otherwise it will be yet another set on the stationary trainer. Bring on summer.


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