Street O: Montmorency

It's official, I have currently lost the ability to think while running. Even around familiar streets I took a couple of wrong turns, plus even ran straight past two controls. One I was able to double back and get, losing a bit over one minute, but the other I didn't realise I'd missed it until I had run out time.

I started off confidently. I pulled back my running speed a little to give me a chance to formulate a plan. It looked good. This time I had a fair amount of company through the first few controls. Fifteen minutes down, four controls clicked off and I soon found myself on a unique course. This included a wrong turn where I think I just missed a side street in the dark. From this point there was no longer any chance finishing with the top guys.

Still, that is orienteering. If it was only about how fast you can run, then it may as well be laps around the athletics track. Gives me a few things to think about when picking my route next week.


  1. C'mon mate, we know you are not the best with directions at the best of times... haha!


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