No Brainer

Wednesday night I headed into Greensborough for some Street Orienteering. It is something I used to compete in a fair a while ago, but more recently have only made the occasional appearance. Feeling happy with my results from last Sunday's 8km I was determined to have a good race. (Mothers Day Official Results: Time 31:16. Overall place 23rd of 3873 and Male 18-39 placing was 16th of 754).

Following a solid warm up, I checked out the unmarked map and decided on a few possible course options. It was only at start time when the marked maps were being handed out that I realised it was a Score event, and not a Set Control course which I was used to. Not to worry too much I decided to just collect twenty control points within the 60 minute time frame. I wasn't feeling very humble.

Off into the dark I headed, falling into what turned out to be a ridiculously fast pace. I carried this through the first two controls with no problem, then turned early before the third marker. The rest of the race became a mixture of variable running speeds, forgetting where I was on the map, struggling to work out my next moves and just simply poor thinking. Soon enough it was clear I had picked a less than ideal course and I was going to finish three controls short. My over confidence caused me to run too fast. Plus my brain was certainly out of practice. I had lost the ability to think while running.

Now two days later I woke up sore and fatigued. Originally I had planned to head to the pool, but my body was screaming for a day off. Two races, plus a few hard training sessions in one week had finally caught up. So the good thing about my new approach, is that I am now happy with the flexibility to simply take the day off. This is one of few times I actually don't feel guilty doing so.


  1. hah, the only Wednesday Street-O I haven't been to in ages, and there was another CR there! Sorry I missed you.

    You forgot to mention that you were late back too. :-))

    (results are up)


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