Catch Up

I haven't been too active on my blog or in training over the last few days. While I have been doing some short, light training sessions, I haven't pushed it. Whatever bug had me unwell just prior to the Mother's Day Classic has still been hanging around. It hasn't been as bad, but still has drained my energy and my guts just weren't happy with any sort of higher intensity. Combine that with 70 hours at work in the last week thanks to a couple of extra training days and there hasn't been too much free time.

My original plan was to hit it out hard over the last weekend and early into this week before taken it easy in two days lead up to Sunday's half marathon. No big taper. In fact I don't plan on doing any significant tapering for a while. The reasons are a topic for a later post. Anyway, plans change. Now I'm just planning on doing some reasonable training, to keep my body ticking, but nothing too hard that will suck my legs dry before Sunday.

I've had a question regarding how my work affects the rest of my life and particularly how I feel about cycling on the roads. Since this isn't a simple question to answer, I'm working on a proper reply, but this is taking a bit longer than I hoped.

Train safe. Race fast.


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