The days plan was to ride 160km. Rest, do some chores and then compete in an aquathon being held around the corner. Didn't happen.

I woke up feeling tired, dead tired. I put it down to a recent extra night shift. If I was to get in the day's training, then I couldn't just put my head down and get a couple extra hours of shut eye. So I got my gear together and headed for the hills.

During the warm up I felt flat, but hey I'm tired, things should spark up after an hour when my body realises it's going to have to keep going. That spark didn't arrive. Instead a generalised ache seemed to seep into every part of my body. Even my teeth felt stuffed. How does that work? I also realised that despite drinking a fair amount of water I felt bone dry. Then came the snot rockets. Bright yellow. Not a signs that I was healthy.

A long endurance ride, followed by a high intensity race probably wouldn't be the smartest thing to do with some sort of respiratory infection. So I turned around and soft pedalled it back home. Had a nap, then just pottered around trying to feel somehow constructive with a half-hearted effort at shopping and housework. Sometimes you just have to skip some training and accept it's gone.


  1. Note to self, yellow is bad

    Hope you get the spring back in your step after a good nights sleep.

  2. At least you bailed early enough. Hopefully the weekend will be better.

  3. I read it does more harm than good to continue the workout when you're really tired. I'm sure you're disappointed about cutting it short, but I bet in the long run this will be better for you. Hang in there - I know you'll feel better soon!


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