Bike Week

A couple of key days and a few not so essential days have been missed on the bike over the last few weeks. The reasons basically have included, minor illness, extra work shifts, and life just not always fitting into a neatly planned schedule. As a result I'm still not happy with where my cycling is at (will I ever be?). My running is still consistent, and my fatigue resistance on the run is improving each week. Swimming appears to be progressing after my recent change. So as I approach the end of my IM I training phase, I think it is time to put in a week specifically devoted to developing the bike.

Here's the plan for the next few days:

  1. Bike 2:00 @ 70-80%HRmax, undulating terrain, focussing on steady speed using good gear changes
  2. Bike 3:30 @ 60-80%HRmax, mixed terrain. Swim easy
  3. Bike 4:00 @ 60-80%HRmax, mixed terrain. Weights
  4. Brick 4:00 split as 3:00 Bike undulating terrain -> 1:00 Run @ predicted IMpace
  5. Bike 2:00 @ 70-80%HRmax
  6. SBR for 8:00 split as approximately 0:45 Swim, 6:00 Bike, 1:15 Run easy pace

All that should be a descent stimulus for the cycling muscles. Bearing in mind that it is blocked training at similar intensities I am expecting to require 2-3 days of recuperation in order to absorb the workload. It is an approach I have used in the past with some success, but much closer to races in order to get race fit quickly. This is the first time I have tried it so far out. I am hoping it will provide the boost for my cycling that I require in order to meet my race goals. If it proves too much of a load, at least I have enough time to recover.


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