Did You Forget Something?

I was part way into my day at went work when I received a phone call from my wife. "Did you forget something?" she asked. After running through a mental checklist including my lunch, uniform, keys, wallet etc. I just couldn't think of anything. Naturally she had the answer, "How about the car?" Yes that's right, I had actually forgotten to take the car to work like I was meant to. I had ridden my bike instead.


  1. That would make carrying all the groceries home a tad difficult.

  2. That's impressive turtle, very impressive... hehe. I just had a long read of your blogs as I haven't been reading them as regularly as I should have. It's good to see that you are battling through all the training well. I approve of your racing flats too (Just watch them if you start to feel the jamming in the big toe again, make sure you use joint manipulation to loosen up the feet) Reason? Minimal shock absorption in the flats.. cheers and hope to catch up soon.
    Your lufly sister xo

  3. HAHAHA! That is the best! Funny stuff.


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