Cats, Fights, Sleep and Mercy

Originally I was very happy with what had been a quiet day at work. Unfortunately not long before the shift was due to finish, some family decided to get physical with each other. The result from my point of view was nearly an extra three hours of work added on to what was meant to be a 12 hours shift. I just don't understand why these people do what they do.

So I was very late home, needed to take some extra time to wind down and after I eventually got to sleep my cat decided it was play time. He is far from quiet when this happens. So after some time out in the bathroom he eventually settled down. By this stage it was now those horrible, still hours of the night or morning depending on your point of view.

So I slept in. I slept in by a long time. Sleep was definitely my priority now. Mostly because I am due for a long night shift. When I eventually got out of bed I soon realised I had no chance of fitting in a 3:30 bike ride in, followed by a swim. Instead I only had a bit over an to get any exercise in.

The solution was to put about an hours worth on the turbo-trainer following one of the Spinervals DVD's. Naturally I had to pick Have Mercy. Yes it is 2 hours worth of intervals, but today I was only going to get through the first hour.

Warm up included getting some of my paper work read.

This is definitely not the warm up anymore. I was hoping for some mercy at this stage.


  1. Wow, an extra 3 hours, you poor thing.

    I have 3 cats but only one of them is totally nuts and is no stranger to being locked in the laundry in the wee small hours. Then just when I decide he is too much he goes totally cute on me like this morning when I was sick and he wanted to curl up next to me and sleep. They certainly know which buttons to press.

  2. My days of working 12+ hours are long gone (thankfully). Did enough of them that 9-10 hours doesn't seem too bad.


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