Time To Start

Now that I'm recovered from Shepparton HIM, it is now time to begin real Ironman training. Over the last year my I have taken a slightly different approach to my triathlon training. I have learnt a few new things about how my body responds to training. Combining this with my previous history I have developed what I believe will be a very solid, productive and doable program. I believe I will be capable of achieving a significant personal best at Ironman Australia next April.

My approach during the year has been to develop a strong base across many fitness elements. I aimed to work on developing a strong efficient body that is capable of completing the training and racing requirements of the Ironman. I believe I have achieved a good balance of aerobic endurance, threshold efficiency, maximal oxygen uptake, anaerobic capacity, general musculoskeletal strength and basic workload resilience. I now have the base to handle the training for Ironman.

There is just over 18 weeks to the Ironman. What will these weeks entail? What are my goals? What will be my focus? How does it all fit in with the rest of my life?

So training can fit into my life, rather than take over it, it will be important to keep things simple. The training will follow a basic structure with simple attainable goals. Fatigue levels shouldn't be so overiding that I neglect the other aspects of life. I need a plan so I can prepare ahead of time for training, rather than wasting minutes each day trying to find my clothes and gear. Every spare minute will not be dedicated to Ironman.

My plan is nearly finished, I'm still sorting out a few scheduling issues since work decided to change my roster on me against my wishes. I should have the details up and ready within the next few days.


  1. I'm looking forward to hearing about your plan.

    btw-training on the bike, in the cold....not much fun. Trainer time has begun!


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