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Here's a quick post of my nutrition plan for this weekend's HIM. I've had to rethink the hydration side of things. I have been expecting it be hot, but not like the weather forecast now suggests. Yep, it's going to be a bit tougher than expected at 36 degrees!

So here's my plan:

2.5 hours of swim/bike/run at just below race pace, with a few short efforts at just above race pace to deplete muscle glycogen stores.
Consume a high carbohydrate (CHO), low fat, moderate protein diet for the rest of the day.
Should give me about 500g CHO for the day.

Rest day.
CHO loading, 500-600g per day, 100g protein, 50g fat

Friday & Saturday
Easy and short sessions of all discplines just to loosen up.
Keep CHO loading as above, but focus on low fibre foods.


Bowl of corn-flakes, small amount of low-fat milk + sports drink
Giving me 150-200g CHO to restock the hepatic glycogen.

Race Time!

Swim: Kialla Lake water (I'll try to minimise how much of the lake actually reaches my stomach)

Bike: Starting with 2x750ml bidons of 10% maltodextrin solution. For the rest of the ride I'll consume the High5 Drink available in conjunction with a maltodextrin gel solution. I'll be aiming to take in about 80g CHO per hour on the course. At 66kg this is a ratio of 1.2g CHO/kg of body mass, which should be about right.

Run: Whatever my stomach can handle, which I know with the heat will likely be considerably less than on the bike. Hopefully I can take in a combination of high 5 and coca-cola keeping levels at around 60g/hour, but I'll see.

As far as overall fluid intake is concerned I'll be expecting to take in 800-1100ml per hour depending on the heat.


  1. You've got a great plan in place. I can't wait to read the race report from the weekend! Good luck! Keep yourself cool out've trained for the heat so you're definitely ready for it.

  2. 36 degrees!
    Have fun! Work the plan and have a great race.


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