Royale With Cheese

After my disappointment at the Shepparton HIM a week away from my usual world was exactly what the doctor ordered. Kristy and I packed our gear and off we headed to the Gold Coast for some relaxation on the beach. Of course we stayed away from Surfer's Paradise as it was Schoolies week also.

Each day consisted of roughly the same. No alarm to wake me, but since I wasn't working or training too hard, I was still waking up early, but the real difference was I was feeling refreshed and ready for the day. I would head out and run along the beach or in the National park. No heart rate monitor, no watch, no plan. I loved it. The rest of the day consisted of sleeping on the beach, drinking, eating, swimming, catching up with friends or relatives and whatever else we felt like doing.

Today back home I headed for a long run. During this run I started thinking about the little difference I noticed when out running on the Gold Coast compared to home.

The Gold Coast (GC) is predominantly flat. What tiny intermittent hills they do have can be climbed in a matter of seconds. Back home hills can be never-ending, talked about in 10, 20 or 30 minute climbs.

Concrete. There was always concrete visible on the GC, no matter where I was. Back home, on the trails I can hide away from any man-made construction if I really want to.

The running paths on the GC were smooth, wide and paved. Even in the National Park they were bitumen. This morning's run took onto trails that seemed non-existent. At times it was impossible to discern whether I was still on the path or had wandered off into the bush.

Up north I saw one bit of dog poo on the trail, and that was cleaned up immediately by the dog's owner. On the trails back home, sometimes it a treat to find a section not covered in horse poo.

People. I don't think it is possible to go for a run on the GC without a couple of hundred people out there with you too. Whereas back home I can go out for a couple of hours and not see anyone else.

I finish a run covered in dirt and dust at home. On the GC I finished covered in sand.

I'm not saying either is better. I enjoy the differences, after all a change is often said to be as good as a holiday. Even better when you are on holiday. But there is a reason I choose to live where I do. Put simply I enjoy the hills, dirt, trees and solitude. It is good to be home.


  1. The Gold Coast is good for a holiday, but I wouldn't want to live/train there.

  2. Ahh thoughts of a cold one on the beach!

    Temps here rapidly heading towards cold, I have more flashing lights on me when i am running at night than a pinball machine...soon the tables will turn! ;-)

  3. We love the Gold Coast and always book our trip via Great web site to check em out


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