Clear blue skies, hardly a breeze, warm sunshine combined with clean crisp air. The ground is soft and the grass is green after the recent rains. It is the perfect morning for my long run. Unfortunately I'm stuck at home waiting for someone to come and fix the central heating.

This is a continuation on our kitchen renovations. The cabinet makers only finished their work yesterday, nearly two weeks after they said they would be finished. Of course this delayed the plumbing, gas and electrical work. The plumber came yesterday and fixed the taps and gas lines, but was unable to get the central heater running after he shut it down for safety, so I now have to sit around waiting for someone else to come and fix the heater, wasting perfectly good running weather.

On a happier note Giggles and I now have a functional kitchen, and last night we managed to use each of our new kitchen appliances. Just because we could. After only one night I am loving our new kitchen and will enjoy even more cooking. I now don't have to wash the dishes down in the laundry like I have for the last two weeks.

The sooner the heater guy comes, the sooner I can run.

“How poor are they that have not patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees?” - William Shakespeare


  1. With a bub on the way I am sure that kitchen will be well worth the 2 week delay!


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