Back In Black

Firstly I'd like to thank everyone who has offered their support over the last couple of weeks. It is amazing how a tragic event brings out the best in people. I now have a much stronger belief in the inherent kindness and good will of people.

Finally it is now time I get back into normal life. Today I officially restart my training campaign in preparation for Ironman Australia and will soon provide the details of my revamped training. I also get back to work today. Naturally my first shift back is a night shift, and on a full moon night just to make sure I'm going to be kept busy.

Train Hard.


  1. Go turtle go! I think getting back to some normality is going to help heaps. I began a blog today myself after the good read I get from yours, even though we're related I don't always get to know what's happening in training world unless I read your blog..
    Love to giggles and cheers to better days ahead.
    Spit, or ky as my post name is on this thing

  2. All the best with the preparation Jason. At least the weather is warming up a tad now, which should make those long rides easier.

  3. Normalcy will feel weird at first. Remember healing isn't always linear, but putting focus and training back into your life will help with the bumps along the way.

    welcome back to training and blogging!


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