3, 2, 1...

... Big Gear! Go!

This morning called for some high intensity work on the bike. Since my bike specific muscle strength is below par, this session was about short intervals at high power outputs. Basically I'm training my legs to be in a state to handle the VO2max intervals that start in a few weeks time.

I set up the turbo-trainer, with plenty of towels, this was going to be a sweat fest. Put on one the Spinervals DVD's and knuckled down for 40 minutes of leg burning fun. A mixture of high paced, mixed gear, high cadence intervals of no longer 60 seconds each, with only short recoveries. No point watching the heart rate, the intervals were too short for it to be a guide, and all it seems to do is climb higher over the set.

Right at the point where I thought I was going to have a second look at breakfast it was all over. Legs felt perfectly hammered. I don't do these sessions too often, but I just love getting a few under the belt.

"Millions long for immortality who don't know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon." - Susan Ertz


  1. Yeah, they're pretty fun those Spinervals DVD's. I did the 13.0 (a 3hr session) a couple of times leading up to Busso in 2004. Sure beats riding the Tacx for hours staring at a brick wall.

  2. Well done Jason.

    I must be soft - I only like big gears when riding downhill ;)

  3. Are the spinervals dvd's a good replacement for outside riding?

    Last year, we were snowed in for 3 months. I went to spin classes, but I'm considering the dvd's as a back up plan this year.

    Enjoy the wedding!


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