Return To Sport

Past 6 weeks for rehabilitation of my high ankle sprain. By the text books it says I can now return to my sport. I am back running, but I am taking an extra conservative approach. It is possible I could be pushing the running a lot more, but the consequences of getting it wrong are too big if I do. I don't want another month on the sidelines. There's no pain from at all from the initial injury. Which can be a problem in itself as the ligaments are probably only at 50% of their previous strength at best. So there isn't a warning system built in that stops me from doing damage if I push things too far. Once pain shows up it is already too late.

My approach is to make time my friend and take it bit by bit. Just gradually increase the run loading while doing a significant amount of strengthening, mobility and other exercises around it. Hopefully I can increase my agility and proprioception to well above pre-injury levels. The runs are very short by my usual standards, but supplemented by plenty of exercises that are a mix of squats, jumping, lunges, core, hip and ankle training. Luckily I am enjoying the variation. I'm still keeping away from steep down hills and anything overly technical. These are the biggest risk for re-injury.

Joe Uhan put together an excellent article on irunfar covering important details on high ankle sprain and ultra trail running. I highly recommend a of it: It's Not About The Tibialis Anterior: High Ankle Sprains In Mountain Ultrarunners


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