Go Smart (so I can go hard later)

These posts are mainly a reminder to myself to not go too hard yet. On half my runs this week my legs have been itching to just open it up. Maybe I can get away with that. Maybe it will add to my fitness. Maybe it's just what I need. Unfortunately the down side is there is a big risk that it will put me back many weeks in injury. I'm not taking that chance. Ligaments take a long time to get back to full strength, and that's only if you do the right work. Two months isn't long to get ready for a 50km trail race. To make sure I can do it I cannot afford the down side of taking risks in training. On the up side, consistency with regular mild progression usually reaps some rewards in running. It does take time, so patience is a virtue.

It helps to look back through the weekly run volume over the last few weeks. The magic isn't in the numbers. It is what you do within and around those numbers. That said, the weekly totals do tell a good part of the story.

  • 4.7km
  • 18.0km
  • 34.1km
  • 58.0km


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