A Runner Again

It feels really good to be back into the routine of running. Everyone has different things that just click for them, and running is something that works for me. I've managed to put together two 58km weeks. The volume itself doesn't seem a problem. I've reached a long run of 2 hours and nothing feels particularly hard. As predicted it is trying to push the speed that creates problems. The slightly faster runs are where the hint of problems show up. During the runs are fine, but once I get down to anything faster than 5:00/km I'm getting some swelling and a bit of that awkward feeling around the injured ligament afterwards. Nothing major and it subsides quickly, but it is an indicator that's where my current limit lies.

The good news is if I hold the pace I seem to be able to keep adding distance. When preparing for ultramarathons that's the main priority. I'll keep my focus on that and let the speed follow up behind as my body allows. At least I'm now confident I will be ready to complete the 50km at the Surfcoast Century in September.

Despite a small amount of frustration at holding back on speed for most runs I'm really enjoying the lack of pressure that taking it easy provides. I'm hitting a level of relaxation in my runs that I don't think I've had before. It is providing a good bridge from my increased mindfulness training. Hopefully I can progress this into a stronger mind in races. The plan seems to be working okay, so I'll continue my cycle of:

  1. regeneration
  2. Faster
  3. Easy
  4. Long
  5. regeneration
  6. Long
  7. Easy
  8. Faster


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