There is something very reassuring about the mild fatigue in the legs that goes with some consistent training. Nothing painful. Nothing over the top. Just a mild fatigue, a few short lived aches at the muscle-tendon attachments and the sensation of tension through the muscles. This carries from one day to the next. It is a good feeling.

Separate from the time trials, the log of kilometers and heart rates, it is purely the sensation of improvement that helps me know if I am on the right track.
I am starting to get those sensations. To get this requires a reasonable amount of volume. It also doesn't come from trying t really force the speed into myself. Instead, it has always shown up when I am performing reasonable training daily.

One of my favourite indicators is the one hour switch. This shows up when I am getting ready for the longer events. When my fat burning abilities are heading in the right direction. At about 50-70 minutes into a run, something just flicks over and everything becomes so much easier. It doesn't seem to matter if I take a slow easy warm up, or force things early. When my longer training is on track, something always seems to happen around the hour mark.

Already I getting a lot of that described above. Hopefully th
is will soon be reflected in the numbers.


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