Melbourne Marathon 2011 Outline

The plan worked in 2009. As a result there will be a lot of similarities this year. However, I am aiming for a different (faster) time at the marathon this year, so there will be changes. Also, my life isn't exactly the same as two years, so by necessity there will have to be changes. Here I present a brief outline of my training for the Melbourne Marathon 2011.


I have three levels of goals this year.

  1. Realistic: Run a personal record which is sub 2:58:44
  2. Hopeful: Run sub 2:55:00
  3. Dream: Hit 2:50:00 territory


  1. Base: 5 weeks
  2. Threshold: 4 x 8 day cycles + recovery/test week
  3. Specific: 4 x 8 day cycles
  4. Taper: 9-15 days


  • Make running for 3 hours comfortable
  • Become efficient and relatively fast at low effort levels
  • Develop the strength and structure to handle the next phases of training
  • Increase the speed and time I can sustain running at anaerobic threshold
  • Enhance ability to run relatively quick at low effort with better substrate use
  • Develop rhythm and efficiency at marathon pace
  • Develop race abilities through VO2max intervals and faster paced long runs
  • Ensure appropriate recovery to be fresh on race day

The details will come later.


  1. Good goals Jason. Re the 9-15 day taper - I like that idea (rather than the more traditional 3-week taper after reading about Peter Gilmore and his 2-minute PB (2:12) using a short taper.


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