Forming A Plan

Back in April 2009 I formulated a plan to run sub 3:00:00 in the Melbourne Marathon that year. The original post/discussion was Global Marathon Domination. It was a nearly a full 6 month plan. I was successful then, running 2:58:44. This year is different. I have only decided to run this year's Melbourne Marathon about 4 months out. However, I have lot more training, relevant and consistent recent training history to work from. So I will take a lot of what worked last time, but there will be a few changes this plan. There will have to be, as I want to go faster this time.

Over the next two weeks I will aim to sort out a few little niggles, that would likely lead to problems in full marathon training. In that time I will also perform a few tests to get some bench mark results. With that done, it will be time to have a plan written and time to start.


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