Summer is finally behind me. I'll give the season credit in that it attempted a small come back last week, but it really should know when it's beaten. Day light savings is no longer, and as comes with the change there is less day light hours. Of particular note, and a good notice towards upcoming winter is it has even been raining.

Living in an area where water restrictions are now the norm. Where most grass has forgotten it's natural colour is green. Where my only real concern about the weather in last few months has been how hot will it be? Things are different. Wet stuff has been falling from the sky.

Admittedly rain is not my favourite thing when out cycling. As for running, as long as it doesn't involve the frozen stuff hitting me on the head, I am enjoying running through the wet.

Disappearing into that world of simply running somehow seems easier as the temperatures drop. Soggy paths, muddied legs and that constant haze of rain you almost don't notice takes me back to when I first decided to give running a proper go. Right at the start when my long run was first at 3km but soon progressed to multiple 5km laps around Albert Park. I didn't really know what I was doing other than getting out there and training. This was when results didn't matter. Instead the process of running was more important.

The change in the weather has provided me a good memory jog. Again I can replicate that feeling, and enjoy the process of training. This is when training goes well, and the results take care of themselves.


  1. Yes, it was good while it lasted. I think a last hurrah this weekend for the running festival, then a matter of getting used to cold short days.

    Glad the training is going well. Running certainly beats cycling on those freezing days.


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