Float & Relax

Historically it is swimming that gets dropped first in my years of triathlon training. Based on the swim today it is difficult to understand why. The swim was the endurance swim. Starts with a very easy/slow warm up, some technique work (designed not to be very taxing), a main set of 10x100m at a steady pace and short recovery cycle, then some mixed strokes for a cool down. Nothing massive, and probably of more importance, no set standard to adhere to.

The result was a I felt better as the session progressed. Every lap seemed to add energy, and without any perceived increase in effort, the speed increased on each repetition. From a physical perspective it wasn't applying more force or strength, instead my feel for the water was improving.

Finally I hit what usually alludes me in swimming. It is a feeling I previously have only ever obtained when swimming at much higher volumes, at faster speeds and in a better state of swimming fitness. Today was a different story. I had the feel that allowed me to get more out of my effort level and fitness than usual. Not quite the same as the runner's high, but it is the closest I have gotten to it in the water.


  1. I love swims like that. It's almost hypnotic.


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