Different Aches

Getting back into triathlon training has pointed one thing in particular...

...it has been a long time since I have been training for triathlon. The give away is how sore I have been in so many different areas. The training itself hasn't been too taxing. However, it is clear from the assortment of aches and pains that the body hasn't been stressed this way for some time.
That's all good. Naturally my speeds in the pool and on the bike are a long way from where I want to be. No way I could expect anything else. The good news is my running seems to holding together. In answer to Ewen's question from a little while ago: I am no longer frustrated by the lack of volume in my training program. However, I have definitely been frustrated by this fact over the last few years. It was one of the key catalysts to switch to running only for a while.

This Sunday I'll sneak down to Geelong for the Half Marathon race to keep my legs honest. I'm not sure how I'll go. Still going through some decent adaption to the new training style is likely to leave me a far way off race fitness. On the other hand, I just might be able to make something out the new consistency. In short I think I might be able to get in under 1:25:xx.


  1. It's the "good" kind of pain. :)

    good luck at the race.


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