After thinking for a while about moving back towards triathlon, the more I am happy with the idea. The training plan continues to make sense in my head, and has reignited some of the fire. The decision is now made. The official first day of training will be the 18th of March. Still over a week away, but there are a few reasons for this.

Wanting to try my hand in the pool again before committing was one reason. Now having jumped in for a couple of splashes, I know I will again enjoy swimming. Historically it was always time in the water I skipped. I also wanted to know if I could really get my act together for cycling. With a couple of rides, I am convinced I can get in good quality training within my time constraints.

Next Sunday I had already committed myself for the Run For The Kids run. While I don't believe I am in shape to nail the race this year, I still want to get in a good go at it. I didn't want to commit to a new training regime that would take away from that race performance. So the plan is to dabble a little in the triathlon format, but keep the focus into race day, take the post-race recovery and start fresh on a new cycle.


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