Day One

Solid criteria usually works best for me. That is why today is marked as the official start of my next training program. Today is when that switched is flicked, my body and mind are now in triathlon territory.

As my program goes, each modified week begins with one or two easier days. This scheduling works best since I am scheduled to 10 hour day shifts at work at that time. This usually involves grumbling at my alarm at 05:00 then either running and cycling before walk for about 30-40min.

This morning I was well and truly up before the alarm. Unfortunately at 03:30 my daughter decided we haven't fed her anything for the last week, and now was the time to make up for it. There was no letting up until she had a full belly. Lucky for her she could then go back to sleep. Unfortunately for myself, that was it for sleep. With a later than expected night of study to compound at to the lack of sleep, I lost a little enthusiasm for training.

Still, I grabbed my gear and drove to work. Parked the car and headed out for my run. I am lucky enough to have showers at branch. Being out earlier than usual I could extend the run out to 50 minutes. This gave me some more route options.

I headed in towards the back streets of Viewbank and covered part of the old routes I tackled as a teenager. This times, the hills didn't really feel like hills anymore. With a good dose of nostalgia I had forgotten how sleep deprived I was. In fact, the run definitely felt better than trying to steal back some of that sleep.

The small changes on the run amused me. Gone were the dirt and gravel shoulders of the roads. My primary school had lost the natural roughness of dirt, sand and wood to be replaced with levelled steps, safety non-slip padding and more ordered equipment. The church that often presented someone to berate me on Sunday mornings for running instead of attending their mass was now a number of townhouses. Even the big white mansion and were now smaller white townhouses. At least there were still the two partly bent street signs that I used to always run through and the bus zone to run along for a few metres. A good start.


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