What's Next?

Having taken some time for recovery I am feeling ready to look at what is next. I am fully aware of the requirements for listening to my body and that some elements can take as much as three full months to completely recover from the Ironman. Lessons learnt the hard way really help that learning curve.

Over the last few days I have dabbled a bit in getting back into the exercise swing of things. Everything has felt exceptionally good. Yet there are the odd little niggles here and there. Nothing major, just some tight spots, or a reduction in some range of motion.

Where to now?

Simply put, I plan on taking a different approach yet again. There are a few things happening later this year that will demand an alteration to my training commitment. Which is really just another way of saying I will have keep an upper limit on my training volume. Naturally I'll talk about these commitments at a later time.

Importantly, another Ironman is not in the plans anytime in the next year. This isn't a decision that has been made in a post race slump. It was decided a while ago. There are other aspects of fitness and performance I want to explore. Ironman is an exceptional test of not only a number of fitness elements, it also provides a journey and experience that seems unparalleled. However, training for such an event not only leaves some aspects underdeveloped, it can also be detrimental to some elements. The obvious one of course is speed.

I wish to explore different modes of training. Different physical attributes. Different concepts. Basically I want to expand my other abilities. Of course I will keep racing. I am curious to see how working on a broader range of skills and fitness elements will affect my racing capabilities. It may be detrimental or I may be pleasantly surprised. In the end I may not enjoy the different approach. Changing back to some tried and true ways is always an option.

So the plan is to explore ways in which I can expand my abilities. Very general I know, but it is meant to be.


  1. It's always good to try different things - especially less time consuming things!

    I'll keep reading with interest.

    By the way, I like the new template :)

  2. ahhh Jason---good stuff. I am looking forward to your new fitness goals. You always give me something to think about.

    For that, I thank you.

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