Reality Takes Its Commission

Well I'm back in Melbourne. Just a quick post on how I went at the Ironman. A proper race report will follow soon.

My race went very, very well. Those following may not think so based on times. I finished in 12:06:51 which is about one full hour slower than I was anticipating. In short that was the speed I was capable of due to my training. During the race itself I definitely raced to the best of ability.

That is the amazing thing about Ironman. Often your overall time just doesn't mean much. I put my plan into action and was able to hold it together to get reasonably close to my perfect race. It was definitely my best effort on the day. I was hit with a good dose of reality to remind me that there are no short cuts for the bike leg. My run was also slower than hoped, but again that was a result of training. What I managed to draw out of myself during the race was phenomenal.

This year I was able to make the most of the finish line. I finished completely spent, but in good condition. Mind you walking isn't exactly the easiest task in the world at the moment. Thanks to everyone who joined me in this journey. I'll get into the race details soon enough.


  1. Looking forward to reading your race report. Enjoyed following your progress on Ironman Live ... although it did lock up towards the end of your run :)

  2. Welcome Back and well done. I was onto the website quick smart on Monday morning to see how you had finished.

    Looking forward to the race report, it will give me something to read while I languish on the couch recovering from Trailwalker this weekend.

  3. After I saw the result I was wondering how you'd be feeling. Sounds like you had a good race.

    If you don't mind me saying, I think you raced to the best of your 'fitness', rather than ability. Your ability is definitely worth something under 11 hours.

  4. Congratualtions Jason on yet another Ironman. Good to see you are so positive about how you went.

    Your splits look really solid and consistent.

    I am looking forward to reading your race report.

    Hope the recovery is going OK.

    Well done!

  5. Great job, looking forward to the full report

  6. Congratulations! There were some issues with Live Athlete Tracking for a bit, and I was getting worried...but then the times started updating and you were cruising right along! From the live reports it sounds like weather was not always optimal. Looking forward to your full report!

  7. FANTASTIC! I have been waiting to hear from you.As Min said, we had a difficult time tracking you for a bit, but it looked like you had a very solid effort!

    looking forward to the full report!

  8. Congrats on another finish! Looking forward to reading "the fat".


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