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It is now 100 days out from Ironman Australia. It isn't really that much time to get things right. In fact, I'm starting to get a bit stressed by it. Wondering if I actually have time to make the gains I need to. I think the combination of way too much food and a good few doses of alcohol over Christmas have me feeling a bit unfit too.

The solution is to take a quick look at what I need to do over the next hundred days without getting too involved in the detail. Then do it. So here it is:

Ensure I complete my key workouts which include:
  • Long ride (150-240km)
  • Long run (2:45-3:30)
  • Long swim (3000-6000m)
  • SBR Combo (6-8 hours)

To complete these I need to be on top of the other tasks of life, including: house work, garden, shopping, cooking, bike maintenance. To be on top of these I have to do some each day (and not leave it until the last minute). This means thinking ahead. Doing things like planning my meals for when I'm on shift at work and making sure I have food in the cupboards before I need it.

During this time, if I get into the swing of things properly, then I will probably feel like a robot. But to me, that is part of the challenge of Ironman. The hard part is being consistent in training. Race day could almost be considered easy in comparison.


  1. I am sure if anyone can make it you can. Maybe time to try a spot of delegating, any neighbourhood kids you can throw a few bucks at to do a spot of lawn mowing or weeding or perhaps kids don't do stuff like that anymore?!

    This also reminds me that I only have 105 days until Trailwalker, yikes.

    If you are on shift I hope you have a quiet new years.

  2. We always hear about the first 100 days (for politicians or CEOs) but not as much about the last 100 days - particularly for an event as huge as Ironman. If you think about how much we expect in the first 100 days of something, then there is a ton that can be accomplished for you in the next 100 days. You have been so dilligent and commited to your training, you are going to be ready! I agree with Em, do what you can to delegate then put your head down and plow through the rest. You can do it!

  3. Keep you eye on the prize and everything else will fall into place!

    Definetely time to call in the Boy Scouts for "bob a job week!


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