That Time Of Year

As tends to happen over the Christmas period, the opportunity for solid training become restricted. With the joys of working over the festivities, the kids at home and all the catch ups, get-togethers, so on and so on, there is only so much time in each day. The priorities are for family so the training takes a back seat. I've learnt the hard in the past that planning to train at my normal load just doesn't work.

This year I took a better mindset. It was simple. Take about a week off training. That meant if I could fit in a run then I would, but everything else took priority. Funny enough it made everything so much more enjoyable. The couple of small runs I threw in were slow, slow, slow, but felt oh so good. Then everything else a mix of food, catch ups, food, work, family and more food.

It was a nice reprieve from training, but from a running point of view I'm now back. A long run of 39km helped solidify that statement for me.


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