Breath In, Try To Breath Out

The training plan looked good. The actual training not so good. Turns out my hayfever has been taken advantage of by the hangover from the recent Thunderstorm Asthma. Trouble breathing isn't something to treat lightly. As a result, the harder and longer runs have been skipped while I get this sorted for myself. A bit of prevention and a back up in case and I think I'm back on track.

In the midst of reduced training I also think I backed out of some runs just because I had an excuse. Strangely with less running I also felt like I had less time for things. Maybe I'm just better organised when I'm trying to fit more in. It is a bit of a reminder that if I really want to put in some good training during the silly season, then I have to plan ahead and make sure I get all the other stuff needed to be done ticked off efficiently.

The big goal is still the Wilsons Promontory 100km in May next year. It is still a fair way off so some extra motivation is needed along the way. Against possible better judgement I just entered the Two Bays Trail Run 56km which is only 6 weeks away. Because of less than my best performances previously at Two Bays, I'm providing an incentive to keep my training up at a good level. The biggest influence on this will be if I can get all my other commitments  under control. Apparently there's priorities.


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