Long Starts At Two Hours

Two weeks of recovery and I'm in much better condition than I thought I would be. Despite a blow out in the 100km race, I came away injury free and healthy. I kept all my running easy to very, very easy since and looks like I've had my most consistent bout of training in a long time. Slightly ironic for a recovery period.

It's set me up to be in a position to take a lot of fitness gains from the race itself. I've still raced a 100km over tough terrain recently so there will be some carry over issues for the next few weeks. Some smarts will be required on the training front if I'm to continue making gains. The body needs to be pushed to get fitter, but pushing too hard can break. The weeks after a big race it is easier to push too hard, but more difficult to see it before it happens.

Today was my start back to training. The next big goal isn't until May next year at the Wilson's Promontory 100km, but with a cohort of intermediate goals I'm not looking too far ahead. First session was a relaxed long run. The aim was to keep the run feeling comfortable and flowing. That it did. The long run started at 2 hours for the first day back.


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