GOW100 Taper

About two weeks of taper for me, some may say three. The lack of definition is because I really haven't been doing big kilometres, so there isn't a significant change in my training. Instead, the running has gradually morphed into being more race specific while ensuring I am not breaking my body down. The specific training is slower than almost all my other runs. It has included carbohydrate depleted runs, plenty of power hiking, hill techniques (finding a comfortable way not to blow myself up on the early climbs) and down hill tolerance. It all adds up to some fairly slow kilometres in the training log.

I've spent most of this time feeling like I haven't done enough. Which might be the case, but I have made sure I erred on the conservative side so as not to aggravate older injury issues. I feel like that has been achieved. The question is have I trained to the level I need to achieve my goals?

Only race day will answer that. I have a few goals tabled out for the race. They've even made it into a detailed spread sheet. What I will put up here are my two main goals:

  1. Finish
  2. Win a silver buckle (sub-13 hours)
Three full days left will be filled with sleep, rest, food, stretching, food, massage, a little more food, some water, one easy run and checking and re-checking my gear a few thousand times.


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