I'll Just Take A Couple of Days Off

The family decided get all germy, and apparently it's nice to do everything together. For the most part I tend not to get too unwell. So when I developed a fever and other fun things that go along with it, I decided to take a couple of days off training. That should do the trick and have me back healthy and ready for some good sessions. Those two days extended out to a week with no training and some days off work.

Not quite how I planned it, but it is what it is. Since then I have been for a handful of very easy runs, and they were definitely the maximum I should be doing. Just enough to tick the body over and a reminder of what it has coming back to it, but not too much to send me backwards. Historically that would be a struggle mentally. This time it hasn't. Maybe I've been lucky enough there's been plenty of other stuff to keep me occupied. Still I am keen to get back to training properly.

I think I am nearly back to normal, so over the next couple of days I should be able to get out for some of my normal runs. I'll see how they go and take it from there when deciding to hit a true hard session. Have I lost fitness? Of course some small aspects will have a dropped a little, but overall not much. I think of it more as a period of about two weeks where I haven't added anything to my fitness. On the flip side, if I tried to add to my fitness I know I would've then required a longer down time. That definitely would lead to a loss in fitness.


  1. Days off tend to do that to me as well..it seems to start a slide. I like the quote, and it applies to good and bad habits: "A habit is something that is too weak to be felt until it is too strong to be broken." Training is a tight grip for me and I have to hold on tight most of the time or risk the negative to become to strong to be broken..at least broken easily.


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